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Weaving Reeds

Flat Reeds
The reeds for your Rapier or Projectile looms can be produced in dimensions you have requested with 500 teeth/10 cm and AISI430, AISI420 or C45 quality reed wire can be used for reed dents. Weft entries can be coated with DLC or PVD as per your request.

Narrow Reeds
As they run at high revs, the reeds glued with tin filling and don't have any dent throw problems due to reed cutting. Moreover the dents working around wire are specially plated for manufacturers using wire at elastic band weaving and thus wire cannot cut reed dent.

Air-Jet Reeds
They are produced with AISI420 quality reed dents and conical entry is added for weaving looms operating with 4 or more colors. Air pressure values are performed with devices procured from companies producing weaving looms for these reeds that require high-quality control and maximum yield is obtained at high revs.

Water-Jet Reeds
They are produced with AISI 420 quality reed wire and weft entries are coated with PVD. Thus it is prevented for the weft to wear the entry section of the reed. Hardened aluminum profiles ensure maximum reed life at high revs.

Double Reeds
In order to obtain a high yield from these reeds which are preferred by the companies that make terry or wool production, it is necessary for the dent at the back section of the reed to center those in the front. This alignment is provided with +-0,01 precision with the machines we have developed for this purpose. These reeds are produced with straight reed dents, straight reed dents + special back dents or air jet reed dents + special back dents.
Warping and Sizing Reeds

Expandable Reeds
Used in sizing and warping machines, these reeds can be produced in requested dimensions and they operate trouble-free for long years due to hard chrome plating. In addition the accordion system that holds the reeds is produced upon request.

Leasing Reeds
Leasing reeds save time in warping machines and they hold the threads with tin filling on them. Thus they significantly reduce the time of crossing process. Optionally, cylinder or straight reed dents can be produced in requested dimensions and plated with hard chrome.

Front Reeds
These reeds keep the warp threads at the specified size and are produced as straight reeds or V reeds, the length of which can be adjusted and operate for long years due to the hard chrome plating.
Special Reeds

Circular Reeds
Used in sack weaving looms , these reeds are produced with reed dents that we have designed specially and thus inner surface of the reed where the shuttle travels has high precision. Upon your request, the old reed that you send would be revised with new reed dents and beams or a new reed can be produced.

Air Channels
The new generation air channels we have produced for Müjet label weaving looms have unplated and flexible dents and this prevents warp threads to jam in the dents. Thus dent breakage problem occurs in old channels is eliminated. By virtue of the reed channel controlled by pressure gauges, weft thread proceeds without any problem at high revs.
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